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A step-by-step approach for proof-of-concept, SWOT, and Target Market Strategy

Validate your target market
Identify key differentiators

OTM Consulting got its start doing proof of concept studies and expanded our services from there. We love data and use it extensively.


In today’s market you can’t afford missed opportunities or wasted resources. Identifying and targeting your market’s needs can mean the difference between success or failure.

We can help you find out what’s most important to your client, how you stack up against the competition, and what you can do to increase sales and profitability with your targeted market and client base.


We design and conduct research aimed at identifying client needs, perceptions, attitudes, and insights to be used as a basis for developing business plans and strategic marketing tools, which ultimately will lead to increased sales.


On the Mark Consulting offers a broad range of services that can be broken into three primary classifications: Market Research, Business Dev, and Strategic marketing.


Menu items: 

Market Research

  • End-to-End Research

  • Market Validation and Proof of Concept

  • Win/Loss Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Target Market Profiles

Business Development

  • Lead generation

  • Client testimonials

  • Sales

Strategic Marketing

  • Business Development Campaigns

  • Business Plan Development

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Target Market Profiling

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