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Do you have the team you need to execute on your strategy?

Identify key differentiators
Validate your target market
Validate your target market
Identify key differentiators

With over 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing - On The Mark Consulting now offers Staffing services to help you identify key individuals for your Sales and Marketing teams.  


On The Mark Consulting is passionate about the roles of Sales and Marketing professionals and how these various roles work together to grow companies.


Interviews with hiring managers and candidates revealed that many staffing firms have a general knowledge of Sales and Marketing, but very few have actual hands-on experience into these two critical areas of business. Our recruiters come from holding successful positions in Sales, Sales Management, Product Management, and Channel/Partner Management. 

It is a changing world -  one where Digital Marketing, Big Data, Analytics, SaaS Product Management, etc. must work seamlessly with Business Development, Sales Account Management and Partner Alliances in order to create the Customer Experience of today.  

This transition, where companies are tracking Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and are trying to manage the flood of information and data at their fingertips, makes for some extraordinary opportunities and challenges in the industry. 

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