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Welcome! OTM Consulting Launches New Site, New Service, and New "Vertical View" Blog

Welcome! Thank you for joining. Our goal with this blog is to provide relevant, educational content using the same 'research' methodology we use with our product and marketing validation studies to gather detailed information related to specific industries, roles, trends, etc.

Since 2004, On The Mark Consulting has been working directly with executives and staff members in a variety of industries to get to the 'core' of what their prospects and customers think. Whether it be directed at new products or product enhancements, new markets, new distribution channels, or simply to better understand the Customer Experience, our methodology has been the same. In-depth one-on-one interviews with key users and decision makers.

As we expand our services into recruiting and staffing - specifically for Sales and Marketing Professionals, we will provide 'in-depth' vertical market insights obtained through detailed one-on-one interviews with professionals and decision makers in that industry.

We look forward to you joining us, as we tackle the HigherEd vertical in our series called "Vertical View."

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