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  1. End-to-End Research

  2. Market Validation and Proof of Concept

  3. Win/Loss Analysis

  4. Competitive Analysis

  5. Target Market Profiles




Validate your target market
Identify key differentiators

OTM Consulting got its start doing in-depth Market Validation studies in the high-tech industry. We have expanded across multiple industries; 

software, hardware, retail, staffing, Insurance, and Finance. 









End-to-End Research

We can help you find out what’s most important to the client, how you stack up against the competition, and what you can do to increase sales and profitability with your client base.


We design and conduct client surveys and in-depth market and product validation studies aimed at identifying needs, perceptions, attitudes, and insights to be used as a basis for:

  • Determining the best target market for your product or services

  • Obtaining valuable product development feedback from customers

  • Positioning of your product or services in the market

  • Providing information that can be used for case studies or testimonials

  • And ultimately finding potential sales leads or up-sell opportunities


Market Validation and Proof of Concept

Market Validation is the process of testing a market segment for a specific product or service. The goal of market validation is to determine the Target Market or Target Vertical Market Segments for a product or service.

This testing can happen in any stage of the lifecycle of a product, service or business:

  • Business Case Stage

  • Requirements Definition Stage

  • Development Stage

  • Beta Test Stage

  • Pre-Launch Stage

  • Post-Implementation / Support Stage


Win/Loss Analysis

The key to a successful Win/Loss Analysis is in the ability to dig deep. We conduct unbiased, one-on-one telephone interviews with all key decision-makers and influencers. We tactfully find out, from the mouths of your current and prospective clients, why you did or did not make a sale. It’s the ultimate bottom-line business report. As an objective third party, it’s not unusual for us to hear things that a sales contact wouldn’t. And the results identify the areas where you can take action faster.


Competitive Analysis

Knowing your competition is also key to your success. Often businesses over look the competition or just don’t know how to uncover information about their competitor. It only takes doing what you do 5% better than you to take away a customer. As an objective third party, we can find out what your competition is up to by researching:

  • Which competitors do we most often lose to and why?

  • Which competitors do we most often win against and why?

  • How do our competitors sell against us?

  • What are our competitors' unique selling propositions?


Target Market Profiling

Does your product or service fit into a specific industry (vertical market), or is it applicable to multiple industries (horizontal market)?

We use a combination of Research and Marketing Tools to help you develop and define your "Target Market Profile." We help you identify key "vertical" segments that fit your Target Customer or Target Market Profile. And we help you understand your target "horizontal" market strategy.

Are your research efforts unearthing gold nuggets?

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