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Sales and Marketing Staffing and Executive Search

Building your Sales and Marketing Team is both art and science.  You need to bring in people whose skill sets compliment the team as a whole, but who are specialized in their specific role.



  • Lead Generation

  • Business Development

  • Account Management

  • Implementation Management

  • Sales Management

  • Retention

  • Channel Sales

  • Partner Alliances



  • Digital Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing

  • SEO and Analytics

  • PPC

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Product Marketing

  • Product Management

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Target Marketing

  • Channel Marketing

  • Partner Alliances



We use a combination of interviewing and screening methodologies in our customized application process to find the best fit for your team.  Experience in a role does not necessarily equal strength in that role.  More specifically, a person can have 3-5 years’ experience in Sales, and be quite successful, but their true strengths may be in other areas. 


We require all of our candidates to go through the Strengthsfinders 2.0 Assessment in order to gather a more detailed overview of a candidate’s true inherent strengths. 


Industry Research


As part of ongoing internal development, we invest heavily in understanding our clients and our market. We do deep dives into vertical industries in order to understand the players, the market trends, the competitive landscape, the 3-5 year growth projections, etc. We do this by interviewing individuals across the vertical industry – from Senior Executives, to suppliers to analysts in the industry.  


Client Research


Similar to an Industry evaluation, we will do an evaluation of your company. We want to understand the following:


  • The Value Proposition of your Company

  • Your role within the organization

  • The organizational structure

  • The Competitive Landscape

  • An overview of the culture

  • The types of successful candidates

  • The types of unsuccessful candidates

  • The reasons why people stay, or why they go

  • Trends you see in the industry

  • Trends in your company

  • Soft Skill Requirements

  • Hard Skill Requirements

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