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Established in 2004, OTM Consulting has built a solid base of clients using a unique methodology to build marketing strategy, sales team strategy and business development platforms. 

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Consulting and our Staffing, Strategy, and Survey Solutions for small to medium businesses. 

Company Overview

On The Mark Consulting is a privately-held Sales and Marketing Consulting firm specializing in three areas:

1) Executive Search and Recruiting

2) Sales and Marketing Strategy
3) Customer and Client Surveys

Established in 2004, On The Mark Consulting was founded to provide a critical revenue predication function for companies in the the Data Communications, IP Networking, and Application services market. As a specialty provider of in-depth Market and Product Validation studies, On The Mark Consulting worked on behalf of companies seeking VC or private equity funding to provide ‘actual’ potential customer perspectives on products or services prior to development investment. These studies became the backbone of our service portfolio.

Using the same methodologies in our Consulting practice, we began the natural expansion into Staffing and Recruiting. With more than 20 years in Sales, Sales Management, Business Development, and Marketing, we now offer Executive Search and Recruiting specifically in the Sales and Marketing space.

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